Kubernetes v1.17 new feature preview: topology-aware service routing

Hello everyone, I’m roc, from the Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) team. Today I will introduce a new feature of kubernetes in v1.17 that I am involved in: topology-aware service routing. This article is translated from my Chinese blog post, which received a great response in China and was reprinted by many well-known Chinese container technology media accounts. Glossary Topological domain: Indicates a certain type of “place” in the cluster, such as node, rack, zone or region etc. [Read More]

Istio 学习笔记:Istio CNI 插件

设计目标 当前实现将用户 pod 流量转发到 proxy 的默认方式是使用 privileged 权限的 istio-init 这个 init container 来做的(运行脚本写入 iptables),Istio CNI 插件的主要设计目标 [Read More]